How We Work


Business and organizational success begins with smart planning. We believe that every plan must include a continuous feedback process which assures plans are always relevant and always achieved.

Our strategic/tactical planning services result in measurable, accountable, and time-dated goals.
Our business planning services result in ‘user friendly’ business goals, which begin with the end-game of the business. Our succession planning services result in a clearly defined strategy to achieve the end-game goals of the owner and the business.


We actively engage in supporting and assisting owners and managers implement new systems, policies, procedures and practices. Plans unimplemented are wish lists unfulfilled. We work with clients to support their plans while providing ongoing support and feedback. We work with owners, executive directors, and mid-managers to establish the systems required to achieve consistent results.


Client success is our goal. To assure that we have done our job, our mantra is:

Follow-up ● Follow-up ● Follow-up

Our professional obligation is to follow-up, problem-solve, answer questions and provide ongoing support when it is needed to achieve the results our clients’ desire. Executive Directors, owners and managers often desire and require ongoing support. We are there, in person, by phone and email.