H.R. Audit Services

Small to medium size companies, with or without a formal Human Resources Department benefit from a third-party review of their human resources policies, procedures and employee files. Vista Management Solutions, Inc. provides an HR third-party, audit service.

Local, State and Federal regulations/ordinances, as well as, case law, are all moving parts in employee management. By understanding how your business HR system addresses the risk associated with not complying with these changes, you can be more proactive in both risk management and employee growth and development. Vista Management Solutions’ HR Audit Services provides businesses with the; ‘what needs to take place’ and the ‘how to implement it’ information necessary to create a dynamic employee management system.

The Vista Management Solutions, Inc. HR Audit Services include:

HR Policies Review

  • Employee Policies
  • Company HR Management Policies and Procedures

Employee Personnel File Audit

  • Main Personnel File
  • Payroll Personnel File
  • Medical Personnel File

I-9 Audit

  • I-9 Form Completion
  • I-9 Form Storage

    All audits include a written summary of audit findings and specific recommendations for the company to use to revise and implement recommendations.

    Pricing is based on the size of the organization. All pricing is flat-fee based. The company-size is defined as:

    • Fewer than 8 employees
    • Between 8 and 20 employees
    • Between 20 and 50 employees
    • More than 50 employees

    *Vista Management Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to change pricing without prior notification.