Bryan Nelson Highlighted as HR Expert in ECE Directory


As a Management/HR Consultant, I serve clients across a wide-array of sectors, including the Early Childhood profession. Recently I was highlighted in an email to members of the Early Childhood Consultants Directory.

The ECE Directory showcases outside experts, including consultants, attorneys, accountants and bankers are highlighted as someone who offers guidance to owners of early childhood programs. These experts can help staff with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to support children of all levels.

My expertise is to build strong employee management systems to better serve your clients; Children and Families. I can help you build your management and organization structure to help with all of your challenges and to meet your needs while planning for future success.

Early childhood organizations and businesses are an integral part of our client profile. With direct administrative development and implementation of two early learning programs in a local school district, I understand the critical nature of creating professional, best-practices employee management strategies to meet the needs of both the early learning organization’s employees and the children and families they serve.

My employee management framework will help you develop policies, procedures, job descriptions, and the procedures for hiring/firing.

If you own a for-profit early childhood business or are an Executive Director of a non-profit organization operating an early learning program; check out the Early Childhood Consultants Directory to find the support you may need to move your program forward. I will be listed…and so will others who can support you as well.

“He is a gem that I would recommend to anyone seeking to further the competency of their organization”

Executive Director of a Non-Profit Early Childhood Program

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