About Us

Bryan NelsonBryan Nelson, President of Vista Management Solutions, Inc., author of ROADS The Non-Profit’s Quick Guide to Gaining the Commitment has over 30 years of experience in mid and upper management of for-profit and non-profit businesses/organizations. As President of VMS, Inc., he brings this experience to the clients he serves. Bryan is HR Certified and specializes in employee management support for his clients.

We are a results-driven business and organizational management firm, serving for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Results Oriented

Vista Management Solutions supports businesses and organizations as they plan and implement the goals, policies, procedures and systems they need to achieve the results they desire.

Results include:

  • A ‘Value-Added’ Business.
  • Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Specific Strategic and Tactical Goals for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Keep-It-Simple Business Plans for the Small Business Owners
  • Goal-Driven Business Succession Plans
  • Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency of Employees.
  • Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Organizational/Business Operations
  • Organizational Structures and Systems which Enhance Organizational Growth.
  • Improved Workplace Climate
  • Conflict Resolution